Ralph de Lange
6-11-1962 Heiloo

Visual Artist - Painter - Photographer
Social Art Education Designer.
Artistic and managing director of MIX - Fine art academy.

Exhibitions 1984 – 2019
2018 Wagenhof space/ solo
2017 Landgoed De Haaf/ solo
2016 Salon de Jardin/ solo
2015 Expo space/ solo
2014 KunstRai, Galerie Vriend van Bavink (duo)
 Comestibles, Sheremetev Palace, St.Petersburg (group)
2013 Guns And Butter gallery, Amsterdam
2012 Vintage Home gallery, Amsterdam (solo)
2011 No Gallery, three musketeers (solo)
2010 Rokin 75 exhibition, Amsterdam (solo)
  Stichting Bink, Amsterdam (groep)
2009 New York Oktober gallery/ MIX aquisition
  New York December MIX aquisition
  MIX exhibition, Amsterdam (solo)
2008 gallery aquisition New York
2007 galerie Format, Bergen (solo)
  Exhibition Studio, centrum Amsterdam
2006 galerie Format, Bergen (solo)
  galerie De Haaf, Bergen (solo)
  Exhibition Studio, centrum Amsterdam
  AT 5, Expo onderdeel t.v. programma , Amsterdam
2005 exhibtion Studio centrum, Amsterdam (solo)
  galerie De Haaf, Bergen (solo)
2004 galerie De Haaf, Bergen (solo)
  exhibition Studio centrum, Amsterdam (solo)
2003 galerie I and I, Amsterdam (solo)
2002 galerie Artea,Bergen (solo)
  galerie I and I, Amsterdam
2000 galerie de dijk,Alkmaar (group)
  exhibition AVKA, Amsterdam
1999 galerie de dijk,Alkmaar (solo)
1998 galerie silhouet,Heiloo (solo)
  galerie intra,Alkmaar (solo)
1997 galerie de garage,Bergen (solo)
1995 galerie silhouet,Heiloo (solo)
1994 stichting de achterstraat,Hoorn (group)
1993 de zes jaargetijden,Alkmaar (groep)
1992 galerie de dijk,Alkmaar (solo)
1991 tentoonstelling loods,Heiloo (solo)
1990 oeufs,de vest,Alkmaar (group)
  galerie K,Alkmaar (solo)
  Ute Stebich Gallery, Amherst USA (group)
1989 cacaofabriek,Amsterdam (solo)
1989 Ute Stebich Gallery, Amherst USA (group)
1988 galerie de dijk,Alkmaar (solo)
  onafhankelijken,de vest,Alkmaar (group)
  Ute Stebich Gallery, Amherst USA (group)
1987 cis art,Bergen (solo)
  Apeldoorn Young artist competition, Apeldoorn (group)
1987-1997 deelname koninklijke subsidie

Rijksaankopen,City council of Noord Holland.
NPG vastgoed
Easy Walker
HLB Schippers
Langeveld en Witteveen

Private and Public collections in Netherlands and US.

Volkskrant article/interview MIX 2010
Parool article/interview MIX 2009
Radio interviewe, art RDL 2007
Interviews RDL art, NH dagblad 2001-2004
Art magazine, RDL art 2003
Website Ralphdelange, art statements 2003-2004
Educatie brochure AVKA/MIX - High and Low art 200-2010

Publicatie tiendaagse Bergen 1999-2002.
Catalogus Ute Stebich Gallery, Amherst USA1988-1990
Catalogus: “group show” de Vest, Almaar.1994
Veronica Televisie, wat na de kunstacademie?.1993
Catalogus:de onafhankelijken.1987
Kunstsectie NH dagblad kunstsignalen.1986

1982 - 1986 Amsterdam academy for visual art 1e degree Art / Art history
1988 - 1999 Co-founder/expert Amsterdamse Vrije Kunst academie
1999 – 2005 Owner/Educator Amsterdamse Vrije Kunst academie
2005 – 2010 Founder MIX academy - school of visual arts

M-I-X –Amsterdam Free Art Academy
School of visual arts
Design/ Production of environments and education for arts
Identity through creativity – Entrepeneural study for the arts.
Working on Concepts, design and production of educational environments for the Arts
(painting/ illustration/ movie/ animation/ 3d installation/ photography).

Development of educational concepts for High and Low art.

Twijnstra en Gudde – Are you creative ? What is creativity in normal life ?
Actan consultancy – work in progress !
Advertisement agencys working for KPN – Lecture/workshop 4 murals
Trouw gebouw – workshop mural painting
Streetrockaz – Sail 2010 Graffitty wall
Streetrockaz – Pimp it 2009
Actan - opening 2002/2004
Paris lecture MIX meaning
Malta design week 2011
Munchen, Prinz regenten theater, Masken abteilung/ Masterclass
MIX academy, Amsterdam Free Art Academy 1988-2012
Petrus Canisius College/ Han Fortmann college

2009 –now Streetrockaz SJA art workshops
2008 –now Student collaboration with Geert grote college
2006 Advisor start Unit academy, privat art school